Clem Rutter at the Costecalde straw build

Straw bales

Using the Nebraska method, locally sourced straw will be formed into a classic French house with views that leave you speech less.

Straw bale building techniques demonstrated:-

On courses we have taken run by "Straw Works"

If you check under this link:
you will find course notes with pictures of tyre and gravel foundations in Suffolk. June 2013.

Here is the start of our foundations at Costecalde:- August 2013

IMAG0331 (855 x 570).jpg

Building the base plate in Wigan. March 2013

Wigan 2013-04-07 14.59.36.resized.jpg


Wigan 2013-04-07 16.26.36.resized.jpg

Wigan 2013-04-08 10.57.55.resized.jpg

Wigan 2013-04-09 12.30.06.resized.jpg


Building with straw bales in Kent. April 2012

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Straw bale house in the Pyrenees volunteer built 2011-2012
Inside:- showing the walls under tension.

And outside:-

The almost finished house of people Francis helped in the Pyrenees.  Ours will look something similar to this.